Remembering the Jews of Greece

Highlight video, produced in December 2019. Highlights of “Remembering the Jews of Greece: A Musical Journey” performed at The United Church/Die Vereinigte Kirche in Washington, DC on November 9, 2019. The program was co-sponsored by the Greek Chamber Music Project, The Jüdische Kulturbund Project, and The United Church in cooperation with the Rabin Chair Forum … Read More

Hannah’s Dance

In June 2019, The Jüdische Kulturbund Project was invited to The Greenhouse at Andy’s Summer Playhouse to devise vignettes around the story of Hannah’s Dance. This video highlights that experience.

Bullets to Books

  In collaboration with co-producer/director Andy Truschinski and cinematographer/editor Sean MacLaughlin, we are producing a feature documentary film called Bullets to Books, which tells the story of 28 year-old Jok Abraham Thon, founder of the Promise Land Secondary School in South Sudan. Jok’s mission is changing minds from bullets to books, believing that it is through education that … Read More

Education Programs

Through its education programs, The Jüdische Kulturbund Project embraces its mission to encourage participants to connect with each other through common experiences, inspire people to respond to persecution through cultural expression, and encourage freedom of expression and culture.   DIGITAL STORIES: A workshop program (virtual or in person) that teaches participants how to use written stories, dance, … Read More

Music + Art: Responses to Oppression-Teachers

The Jüdische Kulturbund Project led an educational workshop for teachers at the Jewish Museum of Maryland.  This video highlights the project’s education workshop for middle- and hight-school teachers and students.  August, 2016.

Breaking Barriers: The Freedom Riders

A promotional video for “Breaking Barriers: The Change Generation-The Freedom Riders”, produced for Philanthropic & Creative Entertainment, LLC,  April 2015.

Not Enuf Lifetimes

Video teaser produced for The Welders’ “Not Enuf Lifetimes”, a play written by Caleen Sinnette Jennings and directed by Psalmayene 24. November 1-15, 2014 at the Atlas Performing Arts Center, Washington DC.  

The Jüdische Kulturbund Project

This short video was produced in 2014 to show The Jüdische Kulturbund Project’s vision for telling the story of artists living under oppression and how they respond through their art.  

BeBop to Hip Hop

BeBop to Hip Hop is a project created by Carrington B. Davis Entertainment Group. This promo was produced for VH1’s “Help Save the Music” in our schools. The Bebop to Hiphop concert was slated to premiere in Washington, DC, featuring performances by M’BOOM and The W.E.S. Group Hip Hop Project.

Cheick Hamala Diabaté Cheick Hamala Diabaté is a Malian griot and musician living in Washington, DC. In this interview, Cheick talks about the importance of music and being a musician to connect with people and communicate about Mali, Africa.